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How we’re changing the way you shop online

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Changing the way you shop online

When we created WPN. we did it to fulfil a need for men to have access to quality fitness wear that looks good.

That need was pretty simple.

As we designed our gear though we started to learn more about exactly what it is men need from their fitness apparel.

We studied hundreds of workout types. Asked you plenty of questions and above all, we made sure we listened.

We listened to what you REALLY struggled with.

What it is that makes you feel better when you workout and helps give you that feeling after you finish.

What makes you proud to hop up in the morning and sneak in that extra session.

We also knew that each guy is different and that not all of our products will be suitable for every individual.

So we came up with a way to get the products that are most suited to YOU.

It’s pretty simple really.

We’ve based it on your workout habits, your personal preference, and your age.

Three simple questions to get a more personalised result.

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