We believe
in a future where
men’s mental health
is exercised as easily
and routinely as
physical health

When we first founded WPN our mission was clear, we wanted to do more than just make great athletic apparel. Our goal was to create a culture shift by motivating and inspiring men to improve their lives and the lives of others both physically, mentally emotionally.

Our mission is to reset social norms about speaking openly on emotional and mental challenges that men face.

By creating a space and a community for men to connect and grow stronger physically, mentally and emotionally that will inevitably cause a positive ripple effect around the world.


Every dollar spent with WPN supports community well-being events called WPN Sessions and creative content that helps men build the tools to lead more balanced lives, mentally, physically and emotionally.


What are WPN Sessions?

These are community events for men that feature a physical component, mindful awareness and connection; in a fun, judgement-free atmosphere,
run by leaders in their field.
WPN Sessions are run throughout Australia and internationally by the WPN Team and its facilitators. Men from all walks of life learn about preventative measures for mental challenges, how to sustain a well-balanced life, and have an opportunity to open
up to a group of like-minded individuals.


This movement is providing a fun, supportive space for men to connect with like-minded individuals and feel empowered to become the best versions of themselves.


If you’d like to learn more, or join one of our WPN Sessions head to our Instagram for all the latest event details.


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