10% of profits donated to help raise awareness for men's mental health & suicide prevention.

10 Reasons Why WPN. Wear Is The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift


Choosing a Fathers Day present can be hard. Us guys are not very easy to buy for! We think the fellas will love our workout gear for a gift this Fathers Day though, here are 10 reasons why:

1. You have Lorna Jane, why can’t he have the equivalent?

Women have been blessed with an array of quality Activewear for some time now, but what about the lads? We’ve stepped up the workout wear game for guys with stylish gear that is not only comfortable but can be worn outside of the gym without looking like a mobile billboard or an athlete straight out of a track and field event at the Olympics.

2. He’ll finally get rid of those shorts he’s been hanging on to for years

You know the ones…maybe they’re those Footy Shorts from his glory days or his old school pair of gym shorts that hang a bit too low/ride up a bit too high now. He may keep his wardrobe fresh, but it’s time you updated his workout wear.

3. He wants to look and feel like a weapon, he just won’t admit it

We’ve surveyed and spoken to hundreds of guys. While they all note that comfort and fit are important to them, one thing they’re tentative to admit (but eventually do) is ‘how do I look?’. It doesn’t matter who they are, at the end of the day no guy wants to look like a dag when they leave the house even if it’s just to the gym.

We’ve refined our designs to come up with the perfect balance of function and style, so he can not only feel comfortable through workouts but confident when he steps out.

4. Our gear is oh so comfortable!

Comfort – we all look for it in our workout gear regardless of gender. We doubled down on the details to make sure things like the stitching doesn’t scratch, that the clothing moves with you, that it’s loose enough around areas you need it and supportive in others.

We want to help men live a healthier lifestyle, not having to worry about how their work out gear is going to fit, feel and last is just one of the ways we achieve that.

5. It’s value for money with this discount code

We can make great Activewear but it’s no use if it’s not accessible because of the price. So we wanted to offer this limited time opportunity to get 20% off any purchases over $50.

Pretty simple, just add the code DAD20 at the checkout and we’ll automatically apply it.

It’s only good till Friday 2nd September though so the clock is ticking. Hit the store now.

6. We have a quiz to help him choose what he wants…or you to choose for him

We’ve studied hundreds of guys and what they look for in their workout gear. We developed this simple quiz based on their needs to help recommend the best products for them.

It’s quick, it’s easy and they get their results straight away. You can check it out here and take it on their behalf if you like.

7. Our apparel is made for life, not just the gym

Now you can both look damn good in your ‘Activewear’. As good as our apparel performs at the gym it’s equally as good for those weekend coffees, quick trips up the shops and casual catch ups with friends.

You will be the new ‘power couple’ in no time 😉

8. It shows you take an interest in his passions

There is nothing is better than knowing that your partner, daughter or son ‘gets you’. Fitness can be a really important part of a bloke’s life, and the more you understand that, the more chuffed he’ll be.

Surely that’s going to win you some brownie points!

9. He’ll feel as confident as Usain Bolt stepping up to the blocks

It happens to us and our customers all the time… Nice shorts… Nice top… Where did you get that? They get asked.

It makes us feel really proud to tell other people all about WPN. Wear and we’re sure he’ll feel the same way.

10. We’ve got free returns if he wants to change his mind

Online shopping is great, but we want to help make it risk-free for you without having to worry about his reaction.

We’ve got free returns on all purchases to take the worry away when buying a gift for them. You can check out our Returns Policy here

10% of profits donated to help raise awareness for men's mental health & suicide prevention.