TIP 1: Adequate Sleep
It sounds simple but is often the most overlooked.Prioritising getting 7-9hrs of quality sleep per night is essential if we want to be energised throughout the day whilst helping to keep our stress levels in check. When we are tired we are going to be more irritable and it’s harder to manage our emotions. This leads to cortisol levels being easily spiked and placing our body into it’s stress response.To support getting quality sleep:
  • Switch off technology an hour before going to bed or at the very least use blue light blocking glasses.
  • Create a sleep schedule 5/6 days a week where you go to bed and wake up at the same time.
  • Turn phone onto airplane mode. 

TIP 2: Breath Work
Connecting to our breath can be highly beneficial in both increasing our energy levels and also managing stress levels, this is dependent on the type of breathing we do.Box Breathing is a great and simple technique to calm the nervous system and manage our stress.To do this technique, breathe through the nose, when you inhale your belly should expand and contract with each exhale. Check this to make sure you’re breathing from your diaphragm and not stress breathing through your chest.Then Inhale for 4 seconds
Hold for 4 seconds
Exhale for 4 seconds
Hold for 4 secondsRepeat this sequence ten times or until feeling calm.To increase your energy levels their are number of different techniques, one of the most well known is the Wim Hof method which can be easily found on YouTube.

TIP 3: Eye Rest
The majority of us now spend large amounts of day in front of a screen, the blue light omitted from these screens create mental fatigue and strains our eyes. To help manage this it’s great to give our eyes small breaks throughout the day. Closing down the eyes for even 15 to 30 seconds can help them to recalibrate with a short rest.Blue blocking glasses are another way to restrict the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to throughout the day.

TIP 4: Hydration
Drinking enough high quality filtered water throughout the day is essential to keeping us hydrated. Being in a dehydrated state is not going to allow you to function at an optimal level.The best option is to find a filter which will bring the PH level to an alkaline state whilst also remineralising the water.Avoid drinking out of plastic where possible, choosing either glass or a stainless steel water bottle.