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our technology


At WPN. Wear we do not compromise. Our scientifically-engineered fabrics are some of the most technically advanced materials on the market and the overall construction speaks for itself.
Our patented IceSkin™, Kottinu™, CoolSkin®, RecoverySkin™ and Bact-Out®. Each has proven to be superior to any like products available in the market for comfort, fit and performance.


Our revolutionary IceSkin™ fabric is constructed with natural Jade minerals. These minerals react to the moisture in your sweat, helping reduce your bodies core temperature of up to 5°. IceSkin™ also features moisture wicking and Bact-Out® anti-odour technology, keeping you drier and smelling good to longer.

All this technology is literally woven into the fabric so the properties will never degrade. No matter how many times you wear or wash it.


With our Bact-Out technology we’ve successfully eliminated the dreaded man stink for good!

The antimicrobial nanotechnology flights off 99.9% of odour causing bacteria and sweat stains. Keeping your favourite threads fresher and smelling good for longer.

Unlike typical anti-odour treatments Bact-Out is literally woven into the fabric so the properties will never degrade. No matter how many times you wear or wash it.

premium comfort

Comfort is king when it comes to working out. That’s why we’ve spared no expense in sourcing premium quality fabrics and world class garment construction

We don’t just slap our logo on off the shelf generic products. Our garments are custom designed and hand crafted so you know you’re getting a quality fit that has been tried and tested.

From workouts to the everyday lifestyle, we believe that performance apparel should not be restricted to the gym.

moisture management

The last thing anybody wants is a sticky, sweat soaked garment when you workout.

Our proprietary moisture wicking technology uses lightning fast capillary action to pull moisture away from the skins surface, quickly evaporating to keep you dry and comfortable during your workout and throughout the day.

flex zones

Our shorts feature advanced engineered Flex Zones made from purpose built, high stretch materials.

These durable fabrics are specially positioned in areas that require maximum mobility, to give you added comfort and a fit that moves with you.