Our Story


We launched WPN in 2014 after identifying a gap in the market for men’s technical sportswear that transitions effortlessly into everyday life.

Our inspiration behind the brand has always been to break the boundaries of traditional sportswear. Our approach is simple: Fuse understated aesthetic design with technical fabrics and every-day functionality.

We’re proud to say that today WPN is much more than a brand; it’s a brand with a conscience, a purpose. It stands to effect change in the lives of men across markets.


The WPN mission is to create a culture around the apparel that brings men together as a unit. To help prepare them for whatever life throws their way, be that physical, mental or emotional.

Two core areas of focus underpin this movement:

1) Apparel that empowers men. We create streamlined and intuitive styles, with great fit, premium fabrics, technology you actually need fabrics and aesthetic design construction that seamlessly transition throughout your day.

2) Every dollar spent with WPN supports community well-being events and mental health awareness initiatives, such as our “WPN Sessions” providing a space for men to explore movement, mindset and connection.


Our name is the abbreviation of the word ‘Weapon’. Used to describe someone who may be extremely skillful, strong or dominant in their field. We’ve used the abbreviation to give the logo a sense of minimalistic aesthetic and mystery behind it’s meaning.

Our icon is an abstract representation of two swords clashing. The linear, sharp structure was designed to symbolise strength and performance.
The idea behind our logo was to symbolise empowerment and motivation to become your own weapon in physically mentally and spiritually.