Tips to balance fatherhood, maintaining your personal health and wellbeing.

TIP 1 – What you make a priority you will make a successTIP 2 – Sleep! Without getting enough quality sleep we can’t function at an optimal level and we’ll be less efficient the next day.TIP 3 – Are you setting yourself up for success? What’s your WHY?

Ask yourself 3 questions:
What are your priorities in life?
Are you in control or do you let life control you?
What’s your purpose? Your reason for being?

What inspired you to start Dad chasing goals?Being a stay home a Dad, PT and primary school teacher of 15 years, I am extremely passionate about the development of the younger generation but also the health and wellbeing of their parents. I believe that thriving parents create thriving kids and for so many years I watched parents put their life on hold for their kids, thinking they were doing the right thing. This often lead to unhappiness, at times depression, discontentment and a serious lack on enthusiasm for life.I wanted to reignite the spark and to help my fellow parents and in this case Dads, to maximize their potential, find their passion and understand the importance of the ‘third space’.And the most important thing was to let their kids watch them do it.I’m big on the power of example and as a parent, it’s our responsibility to show our kids how to live life. As a Dad chasing goals, I’m out to chase my goals and show my son that the possibilities are endless. Happiness is the key to success and I intend to show him this through my actions.

If you could write a future letter to your son at 18yrs old, what are a few lessons or advice would you share with him?
-Believe in yourself.
-Be kind.
-Practice gratitude.
-Listen to your heart.
-Be the change you want to see in the world
-Find happiness, always making it a priority in all you do.What are your favourite WPN. styles?
VAPOUR and REVOLVER shorts. So awesome.