SCTN was created to give people a realistic military inspired experience based on Special Forces selection courses,
pushing the envelope of physical and mental strength that will change the way participants view their world and the challenges within it.

It's purpose: Build Resilience Through Adversity.


Experience the world through a different lens and redefine what true teamwork means.

A typical SCTN Session includes a simulated military experience, where participants will gain critical mindset skills under immense pressure, discover a deeper level of how they operate as an individual, how to work as an effective team member, and learn how to apply those skills into the rest of their lives.

Run by current and ex-serving members of the Australian Army: With a wealth of knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of training and operations, every SCTN event is run by soldiers who have experienced everything participants will go through.

Our aim is to bring awareness to weakness with an ultimate goal to move through them, coming out the other side of any SCTN experience not only stronger, but with a fundamental understanding of self.

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If you are finding your team is lacking performance, cohesion, or just wants to experience something that will bring you all together and help build Resilience Through Adversity,
SCTN is available to tailor make a program to achieve a specific outcome for your corporate team, sporting club or gym.

If you're interested in hosting a SCTN session, contact us here: