Tell us your name:

Zach Morton-Adair

And what you're into:


How long have you been into it:


What got you into it:

I saw The 2010 Crossfit games replay on ESPN and had found myself between sports and something just clicked and I wanted a crack at it.

Are you a part of a team:

I compete as an individual but throughout the year I also compete at teams and pairs comps for my box (Crossfit name for a gym or club) Range of Motion.

compete as an amateur but have a few sponsors who provide me with some help.

Where do you train:  

train primarily out of Range of Motion Crossfit and Genesis in Bentley. While also including swim sessions and beach session where my programming permits.

What is your fitness philosophy:

Train harder, trained faster and train smarter than your competition. If you are not on the floor out of breathe, muscles at fatigue and body dry wrenching you are not pushing hard enough. The pain in training is you realising success.

What sort of training do you do:

Four days a week two session a day three parts per session, two days one session three parts and one rest day (majority of training year except comp session).  Session are comprised of Olympic lifting, power lifting, gymnastics cardio, muscle endurance and skills sessions all focusing on different trainable weaknesses in Crossfit.


This is the programming me and my coach have decided gives me the best opportunity to reach my goals, it is a weakness based approach trying to elongate any weakness and create a well rounded base.

What do I love about it:

I love the pain of success. The hurt you put in everyday, the time you can't walk because of utter exhaustion, the success of a personal best. The support of a crowd and the success of a podium.

Personal fitness goals for 2015:

Make it back to the Australasian Regionals top 40 male in the region. As well as many lifting and skills based goals to many to list.

Why do you wear WPN:

I wear WPN. as it has comfort and style which some other brands lack while being built for purpose and don't break or wear down under the various strains of training.

Would you recommend it:

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to wear something of good quality and style which doesn't wear down after a few trainings or washes.