Getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night is crucial to your mental health and productivity during the week.

Aim to go to bed at the same time every evening and wake up at the same time every morning (even on weekends).
Watch what you eat and drink before you go to bed. Chowing down on a heavy meal or getting that last coffee in too close to your bed time can play havoc on your sleep quality.

Added tips: Getting some exercise in during the day will really help your catch some decent Z's that night. Also try to unwind before you sleep by meditating or journaling (not scrolling through the gram).



As the weather improves it's time to get some rays on that pasty winter skin. While too much of the sun’s warm rays can be harmful to your skin, the right balance (even 15 minutes) each day increases your brains release of serotonin, lifting your mood and re-energising you.

PRO TIP: Kill two birds with one stone by getting some daily exercise in, maybe some walking meditation while you soak up that dose of vitamin D.


Sounds simple right? Yet most of us don't prioritise movement or exercise of other seemingly 'more important' tasks in our daily routine.

What ever you do, make sure you move everyday. Whether it's a workout, a sport you love to play, some mobility exercises to loosen up the joints or a simple walk.

Do yourself a favour and set aside time each day even if you only have 15 minutes, something is better than nothing.


Plan for it. Make it a priority. 
Create at least one daily ritual that promotes quiet time for yourself.

This can be done in so many ways but a few of our favourites are meditation (whether that's sitting in a quiet space and focusing on your breathing or just taking a mindful walk), running or taking a walking in nature (without headphones), reading a good book, journalling or even taking 5 with your morning coffee routine. Just make sure it's quiet time free from all distractions.