Finding peace in an ever busy world – sounds impossible? It may be easier than you think. 

Getting quiet and enhancing our ability to listen is vital if we want to stay mentally and emotionally balanced. When we get better at listening to ourselves, we get a better understanding of what we need, physically, mentally and emotionally to stay healthy. We also get better at listening to those around us which enhances our communication within our relationships.

With that, try these three go-to practices to create stillness:
  • #1 Breath-work & meditation
 Connecting to our breath is an easily accessible and free tool, which when we do with intention and can allow us to slow down and be present with what we are feeling and experiencing. As with meditation, it doesn’t need to be sitting down and being still in a Buddha pose, it’s whatever is an effective way to bring you back into the present moment.
  • #2 Time in nature
Have you ever noticed how your nervous system feels much more relaxed and your stress levels decrease while being in nature? What did it feel like last time you were at the beach, or park, or by a river? It can truly be as simple as changing your surroundings. You don’t need to try to slow down and be still, it just comes naturally.
  • #3 Moving & training your body regularly
A stagnant body creates a rampant mind. Intentional movement allows us to get back into our body and out of the thoughts in our mind. Not to mention the release of endorphins, after. No matter the intensity of your workout, movement matters for the mind as much as the body.