We’ve all heard the fuss about CrossFit and the great benefits which it can bring to your health and well-being. However it seems some people don’t understand what CrossFit is and how it can help improve their lives. We’re going to help you out by giving you a look at what makes CrossFit so unique and effective for improving your fitness and also your outlook on life! CrossFit is simply an exercise regimen developed by Coach Greg Glassman in 2000. This program is aimed to optimise fitness levels and provide a variety of skills which give you a performance advantage throughout everyday life. CrossFit forms very close communities. Nothing bonds people quite like striving to reach the same goals and encouraging each other to stay on task and never give up! And who doesn’t work harder with a bit of healthy competition! The CrossFit company has found amazing success from their programme! Today there are over 9000 CrossFit affiliated gyms, over 35,000 certified CrossFit trainers and accredited training seminars spread across the world! Perhaps the greatest driving factor for their success is the blog they started in 2003. In these posts, you are provided with a workout of the day (WOD), demonstrations and any other relevant information. This format is still used by CrossFit gyms all over the world. Check out their great tips and helpful advice from their blog! The overall purpose of CrossFit is to help you feel like a totally complete and healthy person while improving your muscle strength, flexibility and endurance. Each of their work outs which consists of a mix of aerobics, weight lifting, cardio, plyometrics and other fitness programs have been strategically designed to help you meet this aim! CrossFit can be used by all types of people, they’ve even found success with people as young as 12 and as old as in their 60's! So now you have no excuse but to give it a go and reap the benefits from this fantastic regimen! Critics may argue that Crossfit emphasises exercise performance over muscle building and a higher risk of injury due to the complexity of some exercises but from our experience if you have a solid base, moderate fitness level and like working out with a group then it makes for a motivating alternative to hitting the gym on your lonesome.