Darren Nankivell

I have always been driven by a passion to create something new, to solve a problem or to just figure out what makes things tick. Early in life I would pull apart vacuum cleaners, cars, motorbikes and pretty much anything I could get my hands on. I would do this To investigate their inner workings or to build something completely new. This led me to a career as a Robotics engineer and continued my interest in movement, motion and technology.

From a young age I was involved in fitness, and as a baby I learned to run at the age of 9 months before I could even walk.

As a teenager I competed internationally for Water polo Under 18s, took up mountain biking, swimming and Martial Arts. Recently I have found a love for multi sport racing, triathlons and endurance obstacle racing.

When I picked up a SLR camera to take photos for a friends profile, It sparked in me a passion and intrigue with figuring out exactly how light interacts with a subject and is captured by the camera’s sensor.

When a good mate Daniel Jones approached me with the idea of WPN. Wear, I could instantly see the potential and the void that existed for men in active wear clothing.

Through the formation of WPN wear, I have been able to combine three loves of mine: photography, fitness and engineering design.