Korum Ellis

Tell Us You Name:

Korum Ellis (IG @korumellis)

And what you’re into:

Sports, training, activities… Solo Adventure sports - Mountain biking, mountain hiking, Rogaining, Discovery.

How long have you been into it:

Since my childhood adventuring days in the rural hinterland of Mid North NSW

What got you into it:

Before the digital revolution, all an only child in a remote area had to make their fun was the dogs, the wildlife and the bushland around them!

Are you part of a team:

Go Team Mars

Do you compete professionally:

On occasion i’ll run semi professionally, and spent some time in professional Martial arts and Motocross. But these days my training is more about longevity than intensity.

Where do you train:

Natures sweet beautiful gym. In the sea, on the sand, across the hills and into the sky.

What your fitness philosophy/training mantra is:

Your body is the greatest instrument you will ever own. move it every way you can.

What sort of training do you do:

Body weight exercises, yoga inspired stretching, Pilates, natural body movement exercises (carrying, throwing etc.)


As with most of us, my lifestyle is too busy to set a time and go to a room specifically to exercise. so i integrate it into my day as greatly as i can and use any space around me as my training ground.

Why do you love about it:

I love having a versatile lifestyle and the efficiency of any space i’m in being useful to my health and wellness.

Personal fitness goals for 2015:

To be able to complete a muscle-up and a back flip!

Why do you wear WPN:

The garments are superior in comfort to most generic sports brands, but i also love the statement and unique attitude of the WPN brand. To stand strong and powerfully when all around you are faltering is what WPN stands for and reflects my own sentiment perfectly.

Why you would recommend it:

Made by strong healthy people for strong healthy people, WPN provides apparel that will support and compliment your active lifestyle . Move strong and proudly like the WPN you are in garments that are in tune with your endeavour.