Anthony Thomas

Tell us your name:

Anthony Thomas (IG: AnthonyThomas33)

And what you’re into:

Lifting weights, Freerunning, Parkour, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Basketball, running, mountain biking, hiking, trail running, golf, and anything else good people are down for.

How long have you been into it:

Baseball was my first love at age 3, and any sort of bodily movement has always attracted me ever since from track & field to football, snowboarding, and the list is still growing.

What got you into it:

Initially, my two older brothers (5 & 7 years older) always played and I just wanted to be like them. We’d stack couch cushions and jump off everything, over everything, and also accidentally light our bathroom on fire when Mom and Pops were at work.

Are you part of a team:

I’m part of the Universe, the best team in existence as far as we’ve confirmed at this point. Bay Area Fight Academy in Hayward/Union City, CA was where my fighting began and that’s what I’m most into now so that’d be home, but currently train at Progressive Jiu Jitsu in Vancouver, WA.

Do you compete professionally:

Nope but I’ve been thinking about it a LOT lately so we will have to see what my future holds.

Where do you train:

The world is our playground. I train everywhere from LA Fitness to any street corner or playground. Beaches and Playgrounds are my favourite though.

What your fitness philosophy/training mantra is:

Someone, somewhere, is training to kill you…train harder than they are training. (May be true…may not be true, but don’t risk it). Also, What The ____ Is Rest day?!

What sort of training do you do:

Heavy weights, medium weights, body weight, new movements, flips, and handstands. Combine workouts until if you combine one more it will be dangerous and ride that line. (Example, don’t just upright row, do upright rows while balancing on a bosu ball and if you’ve got that down, balance on one foot, so on and so forth)


Efficiency. I highly value time and you should too. If you can hit multiple muscle groups AND/OR work a different skill such as balance while lifting, that’s efficient.

Why do you love about it:

I love to perform. Any unconventional exercises I can do that turn heads drives me to work harder. People tend to gravitate toward the inside of the box. The real magic happens outside of the box. Live life outside the box. Train outside the box.

Personal fitness goals for 2015:

Splits both ways; 1-handed muscle-ups; 1 handed handstands for 20 seconds on either hand; fluid roundoff back-full on ground like it’s breathing; Train Kung Fu in China; Learn Mandarin and develop myself as a brand. (Fitness is mental as much as it is physical to me and books are my jam!)

Why do you wear WPN:

If you’ve worn a single WPN item then you wouldn’t need to ask this question. I wear WPN because it I love the style of the gear, the personality of the brand but most importantly, WPN gear is quite comfortable as well as durable. Style, Comfort, Durability.

Why you would recommend it:

For all reasons stated above AND because this life can be taken from you any moment. WPN wear  by its very nature and name, reminds you that you’ve got to train harder, pass your goals and force yourself to set higher ones because you destroyed your previously set goals.