5TIPS The start of the new year is the perfect time to reflect on what you want achieve in 2015. One of the most common resolutions is to get fit, but as the year goes by, many lose motivation and their goals go unfulfilled.

We have some great tips that will help keep your drive to stay motivated and achieve your goals!

Here’s our top 5 tips:

Friendly Competition Do you live for competition? Lets face it, most of us love showing up our buddies at any chance we get! So why not fuel that fire by adding a bit of friendly competition to your training routine? Challenging and encouraging each other to work towards a similar goal will keep you motivated to push that little bit harder each workout, leading to the results you’re after! Training with a partner will also give you a reason not skip out on your workouts and keep you focused! Scheduling The best time for a workout is in the early morning when you have yet to be distracted from the demands of everyday life. Aim to schedule your workouts first thing in the morning to keep up your motivation so getting fit can become an important part of your everyday routine. There’s no backing out now! Treat Yourself! Training is rewarding enough in itself, but there is definitely no harm in treating yourself for achieving your fitness goals. This will help keep you on track and encourage you to strive even further. Try rewarding yourself with a massage for your sore muscles or even some brand new workout gear which will keep you both looking and feeling good! Brain Training Trying to stay motivated to train? Think about how great you’re going to feel after this work out. If you are thinking about what else you could be doing with your time you need to cut it out now and remember to keep thinking positive! It’s all in the attitude. There is no greater motivational tool than a positive mind. By maintaining a positive outlook about the fitness journey ahead of you and visualizing your success, you will be much more inclined to obtain the benefits of a healthy lifestyle! Commit The most difficult part of starting a brand new exercise regime is fully committing yourself to it. Try putting together a formal contract with all of the fitness goals and tasks you want to achieve. This contract will serve as a continuous reminder of what you are striving for and will force you to go out and do it! It’s important to remember that even those who are fully dedicated to fitness still sometimes struggle with motivation. Remember to follow these tips and do what works best for you! By 2016 you will have brand new fitness goals and you won’t be like the hordes of people who have New Years Resolutions to get fit, join a gym and go until Januray 14.

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