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I have been addicted to fitness from an early age playing competitive basketball from the age of 10 and then adding martial arts training to that by the age of 15. I keep up my martial arts training in Kung Fu, kick boxing and MMA to the present day and for the past 5 years have been training seriously at the gym, crossfit and general high intensity interval training.

After my return from my recent overseas trip to the USA I was looking to ramp up my cross training efforts and thought it was time to purchase some heavy duty work out gear that could be used for general gym workouts, to the heavier Crossfit sessions, but something that could also be worn outside the gym - as I would usually head somewhere before or after a work out. Unfortunately after countless hours surfing the net I came up short on finding anything that caught my eye, and the only few products on the market I could find were being sold at ridiculously high prices. It was then that a lightbulb struck! I have close relationships to my manufacturers through the other clothing label I run and design for, D,LUX and thought - why don't I design my own workout gear? Something practical, hard wearing and looked the way I wanted. Understated yet fashionable.

I did my research, asked countless questions to my fellow training friends at the gym, martial arts gyms and Crossfitters. I listed the features I would like to see in the work out wear and began the design process. After a short time I had designed a small range that would suit any activity.

After the usual production phase and some product testing I had finally came up with a product I was proud and confident to train in. It was then that people started noticing the gear and wanted a piece of the action.


I realised then there was something in this. Interest was coming from everywhere and I soon had groups of people chasing me for orders. I also had investors chewing at the bit to get on board and see where the brand could go.

It was then that I decided to take the plunge! Build my team and start designing the first official range of WPN. Active Wear.

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