Why-WPN-chose-kickstarter With the impending launch of our own Kickstarter campaign, we wanted to give you some insight and be transparent with you about WHY we are embarking on this crowd funding venture. The beauty of programs like Kickstarter is they give YOU - the general public - the opportunity to play a role in innovation, the future and the success of businesses that connect with you. Since we created WPN. products to fill in a gap in the market for you, we wanted to make sure you had a say in our future. We turned to crowdfunding with the aim to fast track our growth as a business. And who better to help us get things going than the supportive WPN. community? If WPN. is successful in reaching our Kickstarter goal, we’ll be injecting it straight back into the business with a focus on:
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Launching WPN. to the world
  • Increasing production of stock
  • Connecting with retailers around Australia and the world
  • Maintaining jobs across our supply chain
Why-Kickstarter-Behind-The-Scenes So why Kickstarter? There are over 191 crowdfunding programs available to people in the USA. We opted for Kickstarter because of it’s consistent success and the fact that it has so many repeat backers. In 2014, there were over 98,000 Kickstarter backers in Australia that pledged over $19.3M to help local business reach their potential. Overall, Kickstarter backers have contributed $1,962,611,555 to 92,885 projects. Of their 9.4+ million backers, 2.9 million of them have been repeat backers though. (source: https://www.kickstarter.com/help/stats) We kickstarted the WPN. brand just over a year ago. Now, we need your help to take WPN. to the next level. Join us on our journey. subscribe-WPN-Kickstarter