We are proud to announce the latest addition to #TeamWPN. Our very own Australian and International Obstacle and Endurance racer Tim Kacprzak. Welcome aboard!

Tim is an Obstacle and Endurance racer with top 10 finishes both nationally and internationally over a variety of endurance based events ranging from short course to 24 hours and beyond. His most notable was a 7th place finish at World's Toughest Mudder.

Tim is currently building towards another crack at the World's Toughest Mudder title putting himself through a variety of lead up events to test his endurance to its limits.

These gruelling events are the stepping stones required to see Tim perform at his peak.

I started running in 2012 to get fit after starting a family.

I found myself out of shape and unmotivated. Looking for my next challenge, I decided to compete in my first Tough Mudder in Sydney in March of that year. I qualified for World Tough Mudder and continued to train whilst running marathon distances and doing overnight sessions to prepare.

I honed my preparations and in November, I competed in at WTM12 in New Jersey minus 5 degree temperatures where I lasted 14 hours and finished 350th. I’d hit a low point. This would serve as motivation for 2013.

"I didn't rest off the back of my success. I got straight back in to training and worked harder than ever"

In 2013, I competed in 20 Obstacle Course Races.

I finished top 10 in most of these. Some of my training sessions were crazy - they would go for 25 hours. I was preparing for WTM13 like never before. I also competed in some Ultra Marathons where I managed some solid top 10 finishes against pure runners. WTM13 was a breakout for me. I managed to put the disappointment of 2012 behind me and braved the zero temps to finish 7th in the world in the toughest OCR race on the planet.

I didn’t rest off the back of my success.

I got straight back into training and worked harder than ever, ramping up my Ultra running for a huge crack at WTM14. I finished top 20 at Two Bays Ultra, Top 30 at the 75km Buffalo Stampede (Australia’s first ever Sky Ultra Marathon), a silver buckle performance at the 100km TNF100 in the Blue Mountains. My hard work was paying off. Just one week later I qualified for the Under Armour Australian OCR team trials. Not fully recovered, I participated in a 25 hour non-stop physical trial for the UA team which I just missed out on. Following this I switched my focus to getting fitter, faster and stronger to prepare for a huge 2015.

I’ve been taken under the watchful coaching eye of Brendan Davies.

We started together in late 2014 and have continued our partnership. He is arguably Australia’s No. 1 Ultra runner. With Brendan as my coach and with my knowledge of what it takes to perform at the top level of OCR, I know I’m in an incredible position to compete at the highest level of the endurance OCR field.

2015 is my year...

I’ve started 2015 with a 15 minute personal best at Two Bays and another solid finish against an International class competitor list.

My focus is on strength and endurance and I’m continuing to improve my performances. My training has stepped up tenfold to a point where I’m train more than 15 hours a week under the guidance of Brendan, my coach. I’ll continue to piece together the puzzle that is required for me to be at my peak for WTM15 where I intend on improving on my 2013 performance. In 2015, I’ll once again tackle the Buffalo Stampede 75km Ultra and the TNF100. On top of that, I’ll have the added strength gained from the You Yangs 100 miler, Surf Coast Century, Spartan Ultra Beast 42km and Aussie 24 hour OCR titles. Training full time in the lead up to WTM15 will sharpen my fitness to be able to compete with the elite. I have no doubt that good things are on the horizon.

Some of Tim’s notable performances include:

* 2012 Melbourne Tough Mudder qualification for World Tough Mudder in the same year.

* 2013 Top 10 finishes at Spartan Races, Tough Bloke, Mad Cow Mud Run, First place at Warrior Dash Melbourne, Eighth place at You Yangs 80km Ultra Marathon, Seventh place at World’s Toughest Mudder.

* 2014 First place at Tough Mudder Melbourne, top 24 at Two Bays Ultra, 30th place at Buffalo Stampede Ultra Sky Run, Silver Buckle at TNF100, Under Armour Team Australia Qualifier.

* 2015 18th place at Two Bays Ultra.