It's been a big first year for #TEAMWPN. Founding director and owner Daniel Jones tells us about what has gone into making the brand what it is today.

Darren Nankivell

Where were you when the idea for WPN came about?

I was actually training with a good friend of mine and Crossfit coach Kareem Dennison.

How would you describe WPN in three words?

Passion. Style. Quality.

Talk us through the process from idea to product…

Most designs start with a mash up of ideas that we draw from trending fashion, sports, music, urban culture etc. We then consider and research the technical side of a product - what is lacking in products on the market today, how can we improve on that. New fabrics are sourced and construction methods chosen. I then create a bunch of designs for the new range. We throw all the designs into the pot and the favourites are then put in to production.

Specifications for production are finalised and the sample process kicks in to action. After some going back and forth, we approve a final range of samples - and then fun part begins. We put the gear through its paces with rigorous testing. Once the product passes our tests it goes in to final production and sometime later hits the shelves.

Whats been the most frightening part of starting WPN?

I don’t like to say the word ‘failure’ but it gets thrown around a lot when discussing the idea of starting a new venture or business. I believe you can only fail if you don’t give it a go. Honestly the most frightening part of starting WPN. was the thought that if we felt it wasn’t working the way we’d hope that we’d give up before reaching our full potential.

What's been the most exciting part of the process?

Creating something new in a really competitive industry and seeing our ideas become a reality is really exciting. The most rewarding part is receiving such a positive response from those who wear our product!

What is your vision for the brand?

Our goal is to become the leaders in high performance, fashionable active wear.

Your favourite product you've designed?

It would have to be our shorts. Not only are they our staple product and our best sellers. They are something we have really focused on making a difference with and I think it shows.

Favourite place to train or work out?

Everywhere! I love to mix it up. One day it may be at the fight gym, the next could be outdoors for a run, ride, hike or a session at the gym or Crossfit box. Just mix it up as much as possible I think!

Funniest thing that's happened at WPN HQ?

One of the funnier moments that comes to mind is the time I received the first ever sample for the full length compression tights. The manufacturers made a slight error in measurements of the front and rear rise (the space between the top of the waistband and the bottom of the crotch). It was about three times the depth it should have been so when I tried them on and pulled them up the waistband came up to my armpits!

It almost looked like I was wearing a onesie! We were actually running so tight on time that we had to do our first photo shoot with that pair of tights. luckily we could hide it under a t-shirt. I still have that pair in my closet as a bit of a memento.